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 CMDA Managing is above all the work of a team of artists and artistic engineers whose main goal is to develop artistic management in Algeria. The efforts of such people made it possible to offer the Algerian youth a company that deals with its promotion and its artistic career.

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Mr. Abdelaziz BENATTOU who’s called (Aziz l’artiste ) Is the founder of CMDA Managing.

Artist in these beginnings and graduated from the University Es-Senia of Oran, his artistic career has been rich in experience. In June 1996, he graduated in Guitar, Soloist and Dance at the Municipal Conservatory of Oran. He continues his career and takes down the Certificate of Assessment of Professional Skills in Technology, sound system, manufacture and installation of equipment.

Finally in January 1997, he obtained a Certificate of technical aptitude in cinematographic projection (School of cinematography).

Subsequently, thanks to his perseverance and his remarkable professionalism, he was able to access several responsibilities within several artistic establishments:

2000-2003 : National Artistic Manager & International (National Union of the Arts – UNAC GUELMA).

2004-2007 : Artistic coordinator and conductor within ORAN APC.

2008-2011 : Artistic Director at (EURL SUCCESS PRODUCTION).

2009 : Director and Artistic Coordinator at (ASSOCIATION ART ET CREATION


2011-2013 : Director and Artistic Coordinator at (ASSOCIATION DAR MUSIC PRODUCTION ARTISTIC – MARSEILLE / France).

Annual Event : Manager and Artistic Coordinator “Fashion Show and Election Miss ORAN” at (RADIO BAHIA FM).

Finally, Artistic Entrepreneur amp; Cultural: Organization of cultural, economic and scientific events specializing in artistic management, and national and international music training (EURL AZIZ CMDA MANAGING ARTIST).

12 to 16 July 2013 : Representant of the Algerian culture in the festival of FRANCOFOLIES DE LA ROCHELLE 2013.

2015 : Mr. Benattou Abdelaziz and CMDA-MANAGING: Member of the CID UNESCO (International Dance & Cultural Council).

Our professionals are here for you

Our employees are trained in various fields related to the preparation of artistic scenes, logistical follow-up and the study of artistic projects.

The technical staff composed by:

  • Musicians
  • Sound engineers
  • Imaging Technicians
  • CEO of artistic projects

Our team works according to the need of the project, each member is in charge to ensure the smooth running of the events as well as the complete support of the artists during the events as well as good organization in order to complete this in a professional manner.

Our team is essentially have work plans that will enable the artistic field in Algeria to move from a basic working method to a design of innovative projects eliminating all possible constraints during the implementation of Different events.

This will enable us to develop what is called in the professional field: Artistic technology.




Are you a passionate young artist who believes in these skills? You want to promote your passion and showcase your talents nationally and internationally? Simply contact us on one of the following numbers or visit us. You can also send us an Email on the following form:

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